Nostalgia always hits me hard.

Autumn is my favorite time of year, no question.  And it is at this time of year when my nostalgia kicks in to high gear, and I long for Gabe's homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese, my boots {any/all of them!}, layering, crackling fires in our fireplaces, and...October Road. 

Like all wonderful things I become so reliant on but are too soon taken from me, {Gilmore Girls, Shop Etc. mag, domino mag, [forgotten-brand] old fashioned glazed devils food donuts -- just to name a few}, October Road was a TV show that lasted only two seasons.  Does anyone remember this show?  I do!  I think about it quite often, actually, and miss the warm soft lighting and the abundant fall colors in their town of Knights Ridge.  A fictional town, like Stars Hollow of GG, Knights Ridge had bright autumnal-leaved-trees lining every neighborhood street, a sub shop and bar that offered locals a hub, and a church whose pointed roof stuck out prominently from the surrounding charming landscape.  I remember feeling completely transported into this setting, and envisioned living in a place exactly like it someday.

The main character, Hannah Daniels {Laura Prepon}, always had her shiny blonde hair styled in a perfectly wavy 'do, which rested effortlessly on her cozy knitted wrap cardigans.  Her character's hair and wardrobe still serve as stylish inspiration for me when temperatures drop {which, I really hope will be any day now in N.CA, seeing as how we're officially in Autumn, but it's still icky triple-digits}.

Just look at these colors!  So vibrant. So cozy. So jealous am I not to live in a place that looks like this year-round.  Such a place does not exist, of course, but if it did, I would certainly call it home.


This post isn't all somber though.  Thanks to hulu, I can watch full episodes of October Road as many times as I want.  And I did.  Just now.  Then I watched the ten-minute series finale special that the producers filmed when they found out the show was being cancelled, which reveals who Sam's father really is.  :::drumroll:::
It's Nick! Duh, the peanut allergy. Dead giveaway.  Anyway, I suppose I could own the DVD sets, like I do GG, and watch them whenever, but that thought hadn't occurred to me until today.

Tomorrow is the beginning of October!  Which means, Halloweentime!!!  Many posts to come.   

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Would you? Have you?

I'm not sure about these boots, but something about them keeps catching my attention. Maybe because they're glossy? Or maybe just because they are rain boots, which I have natural fondness for...

 Vivienne Westwood for Anthropologie, $148.00

Vivienne Westwood for asos, $151.65

I have come across these boots twice in the last day and a half, not even shopping for shoes, so part of me wants to think it is a sign, but the other part of me can't get over how silly they look.  I've got two pairs of galoshes, one from early on in high school before they were fashionable, and one I wear at work if need be.  So, I am not looking to add another pair. 

What do you think?  Would you rock these, or have you already?


'cause you belong to my friend Link

...check these out...

David Bowie as Captain Hook?

Making sense of your dreams {or nightmares}

Halloween is approaching. Follow Stain Boy through Tim Burton's galleries for inspiration.

Wow. I read this as quickly as I read everything. No problem.

Since Gabe + I share clothes, our looks wouldn't be that interesting.

If you don't love photos of baby animals, there is something wrong with you. Just look at the baby deer!

This will be Bowie when we have babies.
These fairytale destinations provide a good escape.

I just participated. It was fun! I love a challenge.

Dear California girls,

This post was pretty fun.  Perhaps I'll turn it into a weekly installment now that WEDding WEDnesdays are a thing of the {recent} past.

I wonder how many of you got the Encino Man reference in the title...


Make it real - WEDding WEDnesday

I encourage brides {and grooms} to meditate, communicate, and stay focused on the real reasons they are planning a wedding;  whether it is a big blow out or small intimate event, be on the same page.

It was important to both Gabe and me to include our guests as much as possible in the festivities.  Everyone played a part in the ceremony and reception, from showering us with flower pedals as we walked as husband and wife down the aisle, to forming a circle around us on the dance floor and passing around a microphone to share warm {sometimes surprisingly blunt} wishes.  Also, as I have shared with you before, our guests wrote us personal notes on comment cards.  We didn't want our guests to just be our audience, feed them and send them off with favors, but to {in a sense} play supporting roles--one person just as important as the next person.

Several gave speeches.

And everyone got to say a little something ... followed by a huge group hug.     


If it wasn't so important for us to make our guests a special part of our day, we would have just eloped.  Which, I'm not gonna lie, sounded like a mighty good idea when we reached the one-month mark before the wedding day.  So many things come together in that last month that really test one's tolerance level.  It was well worth it looking back, but I wouldn't do it again.  Luckily, I don't have to. ;)

This is probably my last WW post.  I hope you've enjoyed reading them the past few months, and been inspired to take the DIY route when planning your own wedding.  I have been delighted to share my wedding with you.  :)

.group hug.


It's technically still my birthday month.

So, I'm sharing with you a very special gift I received from a very special friend.

Thank you, Abby!  I'm busy planning outfits around my little carnation now.  :)

Love.  EmersonMade.  You should too.


me, elsewhere.

Thank you Marshal for finding me and taking an interest in my furry children + my coffee addiction.   I was honored to contribute to your wonderful project.

Check out Coffee With A Canine, not only because it is a super cool blog, but also because today's interview features my family!


It's my birthday!

Happy birthday to me.

And happy birthmonth to all my fellow Virgos!

{photo source}


RUE: clever. all encompassing. not at all amateurish.

RUE mag is up and running as of today, and it does not disappoint.  I am only roughly half-way through the issue, but I am too impatient to wait 'til I am finished reading it to share with all of you!  Sometimes the procrastinator-Virgo takes on the extreme other end of the spectrum persona and introduces impatient-Virgo.

Some of my faves so far:

  p. 85  Victoria Smith's place.  Victoria, you took the words right out of my mouth and your home is breathtaking.  In her own words, Victoria admits:
"I fake it 'til I make it;"
"I'm pretty much a homebody with a social side;" and
"I think I missed my era, so I like surrounding myself with bits of the past."

I can relate to all of the above.  For example, I fake it with an IKEA Docksta table in my formal living room, until I can afford the coveted Eero Saarinen tulip table.  And like Victoria, Gabe & I agree we missed our era, which was late 50s - mid 70s, so we dot our home and wardrobes with retro vintage pieces reminiscent of the bygone era, which, mixed in with true antique pieces makes for a very pleasing and interesting aesthetic in our home.  If I do say so myself. 

  p. 138  It's Emily!  As in Emily Henderson of The Brass Petal and HGTV's 2010 Design Star.  Yeah, that Emily.  In this story, Emily got to live out her dream party with the help of the Rue team and some close personal friends.  Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the party. So cute.

Check out the premiere issue for yourself & discuss.  :)  Much love goes out to this very talented team!  I'm really looking forward to future issues, and, well, finishing this issue.


next weekend, i will have a new SIL ... {WEDding WEDnesday}

That's right, my little brother is getting married.  To my best friend from high school.
Life is funny, and rewarding, that way.  Their relationship is young, but their chemistry is undeniable, and I could not be happier with whom my little bro chose to spend {and make us spend} the rest of his life.  And if he thinks she and I are crazy when we're together now...just wait til we're related.

Anyhow, Sarah, my brother's bride, actually inspired today's WEDding WEDnesday post.  She left me a voice mail the other day asking what I used for the money dance at our reception, in terms of a pouch or bag.  First, let me say that I was not always on board for having a money dance, but our DJ eventually convinced us to go for it and call it a honeymoon dance.  That tasted better going down.  Mom was thrilled we were having one, and in the end Gabe and I were too.  Not only did it allow us a chance to dance with several of our guests with whom we would normally not get the opportunity to dance, but we made a healthy chunk of moola!  I won't divulge the dollar amount, but in case you are curious, let's just say we could have bought this, this, these, this {in both colors}, and these, and still had change leftover for a couple of coffees.  So, having the lovely experience that we did, I reassured Sarah of the benefits of having a money honeymoon dance.

{that's little, well, bigger, but younger brother}
{and yes I realized my lipstick desperately needed re-freshening, but no time}

While the pouch definitely came in handy, keep in mind not everyone will want to follow suit, and you'll have bills sticking out of your cleavage throughout the dance...good times.

And Sarah, if you are reading this, I used an Anthropologie muslin drawstring bag.  You know, the one in which the sales associates roll up and stuff your receipt?  Yeah, that one.  Free & effective.  Simple as that. I could make you a custom pouch, lickity-split!  You just say the word and I will bust out the ol' sewing machine.  :)
 {full pouch!}

{anthro pouch photo source: juliebidwell}


Adoption @ Anthropologie

Anthro stores around the country will host pet adoption events and/or pet supply drives throughout the next few weeks.  Check your local store to see if anything is scheduled.

Locals:  our Roseville Anthro is hosting a dog adoption on 9/26 from 11a-2p!

I am not sure if Bowie is going to let me go yet, but we'll see.


Gossip Girl season 4...

...premieres tonight on the CW!
So, I could easily watch this show on mute because the dialogue is not that great, but I do enjoy the fashion!  I take part of that back, Blaire's dialogue is pretty good--she has a mean version of Cher from Clueless vibe to her character--so I like her.  The season premiere follows Blaire and Serena through Paris {really, they're in Paris!} so their outfits will be over-the-top-fabulous.

...can't wait.  The show is at 9/8c, and hopefully will be streaming online shortly afterward so I can watch it.  I knew I would second-guess my cable nixing once the fall season rolled around and the shows were airing in full-force.

It's okay.  I will live.  {mantra?}

P.S. Chuck is alive!  I know because I cheated and watched the season premiere online, and also flipped through the photo gallery on the CW page.  And guess what else...Clemence Poesy makes a guest appearance.  Look:

 ooh la la!

{all photos are from the CW page}


move over Lonny, there's a new mag online

Okay, that sounds mean.  I appreciate Lonny.  You should read it.
You should also read Standard!
I just flipped through this new online magazine--dedicated to all things eco without the annoying redundancy of reminding readers that every aspect of the mag is green--and it is intriguing.  I am seeing good things in its future.  I especially recommend reading the two following inspiring articles:

  p. 76  That Old Thang?
  p. 88  Bride of the Wild West

The former tells the neat story of two friends, both actors, relocating from LA to Austin without purchasing anything.  The two have very different styles:  she prefers, "glamorous, white, and chic" collections, while his pieces are "very masculine Arts & Crafts."  That they meshed both styles together so effectively is refreshing!  Maybe you and your significant other are combining two spaces into one and need some reassuring that all will work out.  Read this article.

The latter is a fun spread showing a new spin on the modern bachelorette party.  It is set in the desert among Joshua trees {which Gabe was completely enamored with on his roadtrip to/from Arkansas last year}, and has a girls' club-native-theme.  Really cute.

Check out Standard mag and let me know what you think!  And if you're feeling it, show them some love on their website.

I'm really digging these online mags.  Up next: Rue!

{first photo was found on AT}


Do we have time for an ensemble montage? {WEDding WEDnesday}

Any chance I get to create a montage, I take full advantage of it.  Our ring bearer's mom asked me to give her an idea of what to dress her little man, Dino, in.  So, to make it easy, I put together an outfit that included pieces he already owns, like his school uniform pants and shirt.  And just like the groomsmen, I bought a vintage bow tie for little Dino too.  He loved it, cuz he felt like the men.  Here's the montage I gave her:

She delivered, and Dino fit right in with the groomsmen.

I think he was relieved when he got to take off the vest at the reception, though. ;)

Fun kid.

Happy hump day!


What's a BEFORE without an AFTER

Do you recall me asking you to give me a week or so to provide decent 'after' photos of our guest-room-turned-master-bedroom?  Well, I meant six weeks.  Procrastinator Virgo, remember?  And although I can't honestly call these 'after' photos, as I change things so frequently, I shall call them 'afterish'--how's that?
First, here's one {or three} before photos: 

:::drumroll:::  And here are the afterish photos:

A few notes about the room:
  • We painted the walls a peachy hue which is very complementary to our skin tones, we've noticed ;)
  • We replaced the outdated fan/light fixture with the same one we put in the old master bedroom
  • I majorly paired down the wardrobe in order to fit everything in the {much smaller} closet
  • I swapped out the drapery, replacing the IKEA curtains with scarves that I got from Target and H&M
  • Other than the wall paint, we didn't spend a dime on this room; everything in it was taken from other rooms in our home. I love free!
  • The wooden box in the last photo was already being used as a doorstop, and just so happened to fit all of my flip flops perfectly in it. Score! The rest of my shoes are hiding behind the bedroom door.
Things still to be done:
  • Hang the dressing mirror on the wall
  • Patch the hole in the wall where the previous owners had {I'm guessing} intentions of installing an outlet
  • Hang art on the walls!  I mean, the headboard looks nice and all, but it's the only thing on any of the walls.  That just won't do.
  • Get curtain for closing off closet, even though my stuff looks so pretty and organized... ;)
  • Someday get bed linens that actually match.  Maybe.
That headboard and I have a love-hate relationship.  I made it out of plywood, muslin, and batting when I moved in to my first place 5+ years ago--back when I was on a staple-gun-craft-rampage--and have considered chucking it many-a-time.  I think, 'I would rather have a nice sturdy modern graphic headboard from like West Elm or somewhere,' but when it comes down to it, I can't part with my labor of love.  So, to give it new life, I drape a piece of fabric over it to make it work with the space.  Thank you, domino.

Hubby loves the new room.  Dogs seem content there.  All is well.  Don't be surprised to see more {completely different} afterish photos of this room in the future, though.  It's just what I do.


Mario Batali's EATALY is open!

Can I please get locked in here?  I could really do some damage.

In his own words, Mario tells NY mag, "We’re not a food hall. We’re a grocery store with tasting rooms and restaurants. We don’t want you to just come and eat and walk away. We want you to come and taste some things and then take them home and cook them." {source}

Oh, Mario.  You adorable, brilliant man, you.  I'm going to look at flights to NY. right. now.

{sources: 1. gothamist.com; 2.  slashfood.com; 3. GQ; 4. seriouseats.com; 5. NYmag}


Technology is not my friend right now

Last night while performing a routine file-renaming on my beloved Free Agent Go, an earthquake shook my perfectly organized world.  Okay, so not literally, but metaphorically...Bah! I don't even know how it happened, but while viewing a file whose name I noticed was misspelled, {'Askansas' instead of 'Arkansas'} I right-clicked on the file name to fix it--like any anal perfectionist Virgo would do--but rather than just fixing that one file name, all the files in the containing folder were renamed!  I hope at least one of you reading this feels my pain.  I know I sound dramatic, but there is no fixing this!  I tried for hours {literally, this time} last night to restore the original file names, which contain pertinent information such as the source/my reason for saving the file/whose work it is/etc., and I think I made things worse.

At this point, all I can do is rummage through every file in my computer's downloads folder and hope some of these files' original names are still stored there.  From the looks of it, I lost the data for the past six months {up until my last driver backup I performed in March}, and because I save an average of four images a day, if you do the math you will realize how big of an issue this is.  I am mostly upset because I pride myself on my diligent research and proper sourcing.
  Too many interjections. Too few solutions.

Anyway, that is my sad little story.  There are worse tragedies, I know.  Please cut me some slack in the future if I share a photo for which I do not have the source.  In such a case I will be referencing this post, and asking for your help.  Fo. Sho.

Ya'll enjoy the Labor Day weekend!


Fabric: Look 4 Less

Ever since seeing Barrie Benson's perfect home featured in domino, the hubs and I have coveted F. Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon fabric {in aquamarine}, which Barrie used to cover her dining room chairs. 

domino: October 2007 issue {be. still. my. beating. heart.}

After contacting a distributor to the public in NY last year and requesting a quote for a couple of yards, I came to the realization {barring a miracle} that I would not be able to afford the real thing anytime soon.  Even scraps on ebay were expensive.  I searched for a decent replacement for a few months with no luck.  Until, browsing the shelves of Joann Fabric one glorious day, hubby found this.  I think the pattern looks more whimsy online than it does in person, honestly.  Here is a photo I took to give you a better idea:

The name of the fabric is "Koto" and is made in Japan by Calico.  At under $7/yard, it is a steal.  I snagged three yards and used it to cover the dining chairs of our mid-century Swedish dining set, and used some scraps to cover the light switch on the wall behind the dining area--super quick DIY style.  

By the way, the dining set might be up for sale soon.  It used to be my favorite MCM piece I own, but I have always preferred the aesthetic of the dining set on the TV show Friends, with the worn table and mismatched chairs.  I have told you about my obsession with chairs I'm sure, so I look forward to hunting and gathering to accompany the distressed farmhouse style table hubby plans to build out of reclaimed lumber to replace this dining set. 

So, Koto vs. Chiang Mai Dragon... Sure, the Calico craftsmanship does not even touch Schumacher, but for us frugals this fabric achieves a comparable look.  What do you guys think? 

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