the BEST anytime lotion

Not kidding. JĀSÖN Natural 70% aloe vera lotion is, is, well I'll just list its awesomeness:

  • smells lovely
  • soothes skin after shaving {without stinging}
  • doesn't cause breakouts or clog pores
  • quenches skin
  • non-greasy
  • vegan
  • available for under $10 @ Target
  • hubby loves it too
  • can go on before or after self-tanner
  • heals sunburnt skin
  • light fragrance does not compete with perfume
  • gives skin a healthy glow {not sparkly}
  • packed with healthy all-natural goodness like Vit E, green tea, ginseng, aloe vera...
I don't know if it's possible but I have noticed fewer breakouts on my skin in areas like my shoulders and back of my neck since I started using this lotion about a month ago.  My skin feels healthy and happy, and I smell goooooood.  I never really made applying body lotion part of my morning routine, unless of course I was wearing a skirt or shorts that day, but I now look forward to slathering this delicious lotion on after my shower every morning!  Sorry to sound like a commercial, but this stuff is seriously awesome.  Try it and let me know how it worked out for you. :)


as addicting as Etsy?

Thank you {and curse you!} apartment therapy for introducing me to Ruffled!  Ruffled is the place where all the junk you 'favorited' {but didn't act quickly enough} in Etsy went--Mason jars, doilies, milk glass--that you can now claim!  Although geared toward brides and other wedding participants, Ruffled has a ton of cool stuff that doesn't have to be used for nuptial-ness {?}.

Clearly best suited for a wedding gown, but I am loving this Temperley dress for special occasion!
These rose garlands would be adorable in a girl's nursery or birthday party. Or, um, my room! Sorry Gabriel.
And these vintage crates are super handy and versatile for around the house. I have one storing tp in our newly remodeled bathroom {still no post on that--procrastinator!} but could use a few more on my bookshelf in my office to store craft supplies.

Check it out and let me know what you think!  I haven't gone through all the listings yet, but I'm inspired to get my dresses I wore as a bridesmaid cleaned and post them for sale.  Tiffany blue is still hot, right?

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