And when I get my license, I fully intend to brake for animals...

Ah, nostalgia.

Last night while the hubs was at work, I decided to transport back to 1995 by indulging in one of my favorite and most influential movies:  Clueless.  Although I was a tomboy, this movie really spoke to me during my adolescent years, and truthfully, still does.

As a pre-teen / teenager:
  • I had the poster hanging in my room of "'isms" (?) that defined words like "boink," "Betty," and "hymenally challenged."  
  • I wore spaghetti strap tanks over crew neck tees.  
  • My hair was exactly like Cher's.  
  • I learned and used a new word every day to expand my vocabulary.
  • I used the word "like" about ten times in a sentence. (annoying!)
  • I got my Pop saying "buggin' and wiggin'" 
  • I dreamed of one day having an automated closet like Cher's, but what girl didn't...
  • Carrot sticks became my favorite after school snack
  • I listened to the soundtrack all. the. time.
  • My best friend Kelly and I bought dresses like the white CK dress Cher wore to the club -- mine was white, Kelly's was red; although, ours were cheapo's from Wet Seal.
  • two words: FEATHER PENS
  • I had a huge crush on Breckin Meyer (Travis)
I really did look up to Cher, and her character taught me to be nice to my fellow peers in school, even if we didn't run in the same crowds.  She was never outwardly rude or condescending to anyone, except in her spat with trampy Amber, but she deserved it.  ;)  I love how Cher was all done-up and lady-like, but had such a strong presence like she could kick your ass if you had it comin' to ya.  She remains one of my top female role models today, and I really hope I have a daughter with whom I can share this movie.  Not only to expose her to Cher, but to the 90s pop culture! OMG, the grungy skateboarders, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, exposed lip liner!

All of it.

How did this movie have an effect on your life?  What do you remember most from the 90s decade?  Did anyone else beg their parents for a white bikini top Jeep Wrangler?


Better than nothin'

First, readers, my apologies for being MIA lately.  I truly have been extremely busy, and not in a good way, unfortunately.  I wish I could say that I finally kicked myself into gear and have been rollin through projects like a mad woman, but I've just been working. working. working. working. Oh! And drinking. drinking. Wine, that is. So, that's something good to post I think!  Especially since I've been drinking some really super good wine.  But, that's another post... Right now, I want to share with you another very cool and inspiring video I stumbled upon while blog-hopping.  I discovered [through various channels] Makeunder My Life 's blog just now, and watched this video, and thought I'd break my procrastination mold and post about it. 
Also, if you have time, check out the rest of her blog--it's cute... :)  Lemme know what you think....  of the video, her blog, my drinking, anything.  Really.

Yes, I've said this before.

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