i love polyvore to jumpstart the work week!

During my morning bloghopping, I clicked on an ad featured on desiretoinspire for 2Modern--a shopping site that has everything from home to baby goods, all super stylish.  I spotted a link on the sidebar that read Style A Room, and I was intrigued.  Oooooooh what fun!  Check out what I created:

No, I'm not prego, but the rocker was the first item that grabbed my attention, so I was immediately inspired to create a hip kiddies room.  Powered by the awesome polyvore, there aren't a crazy number of options, so I did my best with the items offered.  I believe I had more fun creating this room than creating these outfits!  

If you feel inspired to create your own room {it'll make your Monday!}, please send me a link so I can see yours!  Help spread the creative bug for an inspiring week. :)

**update** And I'm hooked.


'world's most comfortable thong,' you say??

I concur.
I know $23 a pair seems a bit steep, but these Hanky Panky thongs really truly are the most comfortable chones I've ever worn!  I picked up a few pairs at Nordstrom, after hearing Abby and the sales clerk praise them.  The tags read, "World's Most Comfortable Thong," so I was intrigued.  They're one size fits all, which is difficult to believe when you see them arranged on the display table because they look small, but they fit like a dream.  Bye bye Target and VS cheapos!  My challenge will not only be to budget wisely so I can afford to swap out all my non-Hanky Panky chones, but to keep Bowie away from them...the dog's got expensive taste.

Pick up a couple pairs this weekend.  Your bum will thank you!


honing the wardrobe

Today's outfit is a perfect example of my true style and how I wish I dressed everyday.  Why don't I dress the way I want to everyday, you ask??  The answer is simple: I don't know!  I suppose laziness has a lot to do with it, but it could also be that my work environment is not conducive to arriving in my ideal ensembles. 

I finally found the perfect {read: doesn't make me look butch} denim jacket and black knit maxi skirt!!!!!  Both have been on my shopping list forever, so it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood when I got to check them off.

jacket Lucky Brand, sweatshirt J.Crew, maxi skirt Express, necklace vintage {gift}, gold ring Express, gold bangles Love Culture, gold and black friendship bracelet Express, leather "Bowie" cuff custom, nail polish OPI's a good man-darin is hard to find

I was so comfortable and happy with my outfit, that I didn't bother styling my hair or putting on makeup.  A quick blow-dry and some chapstick and eyebrow gel {daily essentials!} and I was out the door.  You can't see my shoes, but I'm wearing my coveted Camden brogues from J.Crew and some J.Crew mauve trouser socks.  All these pieces are super versatile, and this skirt is so cozy I want to nap right now.  I also bought a longer maxi with a less casual waistband from Express to wear with heels.  Love!


laughs in Napa w/ hubby

Gabe and I saw Lisa Lampanelli perform live in Napa on Friday night, and we had a blast!  We did not stop laughing during her entire set.  She is one ridiculously hilarious broad.  Here are some photos from that night + the next day.

  • This sweet message was posted on the outside wall of a business, randomly, on First Street in Napa.  We saw it while walking to eat the yummiest Mexican food at Bistro Sabor.  Two words, friends: homemade. churros.
  • Me, enjoying a glass of {free!} Cabernet at Embassy Suites, where we were lucky enough to stay for a very reasonable rate.  Not only is the hotel beautiful and conveniently located in downtown Napa, but they offer free drinks for several hours every day in their in-house restaurant. Score!
  • A black swan!  There were two of these fellas chilling in the pond area at our hotel. 
  • The theater Lisa performed at was so cute and old-timey.  
Our hotel fed us a full-on-super-awesome-made-to-order-breakfast the next morning {included}, then we hit up some antique shops and Ben + Jerry's downtown.  It was a quick, close little getaway, and the weather was nice enough to cooperate.  We got the impression from the locals that Bistro Sabor is a newer restaurant, and I think it's going to last.  I've been thinking about those mouthwatering tacos and churros all day...

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