Look what goodness I just discovered!

Abby and I have been discussing our ensembles for this coming weekend's festivities--the annual Pear Fair in the Delta {woo! woo!}--all day.  I believe I've worn a dress every year for the past twelve, but I feel like mixing it up this year.  Plus, I learned from last year's miserable experience (+100°) to stick with 100% cotton. 
While browsing the usual: Anthropologie, J. Crew, I thought to check out H&M to see if I could find cheaper duds, since there's one across the street from anthro.  And oh man am I glad I did.  Look what they have on their website:

It's like virtual paper dolls for grown-ups!

I just threw together this look in a few minutes, but there are many more models and clothing options for you to choose.  So. Freakin. Fun.  They call it their 'Fashion Studio' and you can even dress male models!  I think the program is very well done--which says a lot, given my Virgo-high-standards.  Run your mouse over and click any item of clothing you place on your model, and it will give you the option to tuck in a top to the bottoms, belt a tunic, layer, or remove an item from the outfit.  The prices of each item are clearly marked, and all the items are currently sold in the store, so you can take your little model fashionista into your local store and play dress-up yourself.  Suddenly, I'm a girly girl. Thanks, H&M. 

I would love to see your looks you come up with, so please e-mail them to me.  Stay cool.

Okay, one more...

Last one, I promise...

I lied...

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Lana said...

Wow, so fun, I've got to give it a try! love your looks!

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