That's a recipe for delicious: Pear and Brie Croissant

The wheels have been turning, continuously, planning how I am going to use up all this fruit.  I'm hesitant to just grab and eat the peaches and pears, in case inspiration strikes and I need x amount for a culinary creation.  Though, that hasn't necessarily stopped me.  These peaches are by far the juiciest I have ever eaten.  I am hoping to score a dozen or so more tomorrow when I will again find myself in the Delta for the annual Pear Fair.  I know, I've mentioned the event before, so to follow through, I will post photos of the festivities next week.

Back to eating. Yesterday I threw together this little sandwich, and I have to admit, it was pretty. damn. good.

I had some freshly baked croissants from the market, Virgin Organic wildflower honey (my current fav!), d'Affinois double-creme brie cheese, fresh Bartlett pears, and ground black pepper--a winning combination.  Since we don't have a panini press, which is totally fine by me although Gabe would love to own the bulky gadget, I instead used our small handy George Foreman grill.  If you're reading this, there is a 90% chance that you too own one, whether as a result of an impulse buy, or receiving one as a hand-me-down when you moved into your first place, like us. ;)  It works beautifully for making panini-style sandwiches, and especially on croissants...all that butter...yum.

If you feel like trying this recipe out, feel free to sub any of these ingredients with your personal faves or with goods you have on hand.

1 croissant, sliced lengthwise in half
2 T brie cheese, or enough to create a thick layer on one side of the sliced croissant, close to room temp
wildflower honey, drizzle desired amount over cheese on croissant
freshly ground black pepper, only a little
1/4 medium Bartlett pear, firm and thinly sliced, arranged over other ingredients on croissant

Top with other half of the croissant, pressing softly to adhere.  Place on preheated grill plate and close lid.  Let 'grill' for only one minute.  Plate and let cool slightly before enjoying.

Now that I am typing this, I realize a beer would have paired perfectly with this sandwich.  I bet a Pyramid Apricot Ale would have been golden.  Oh well, next time.     

I'm still up to my ears in fruit and berries from Wednesday's pickings, so I will probably be sharing recipes periodically with you until the lot's run out, which will be a sad day.  I just found a 'fancy' recipe I'm very intrigued to try that calls for my peaches and blackberries, so wish me luck.  If it is a success, I will share.  Promise.

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