WEDding WEDnesdays: low-tech, high-impact

When it came down to it, a photo booth was not in our budget, although we had always planned on having one at our reception, even before they were popular.  Our Plan B turned out to be a much bigger hit, and I am so happy we didn't skimp so we could ultimately afford to rent an actual photo booth.  What did we do?
We took down the Suzani-print drapes in our living room, gathered some twine and a vintage wooden picture frame, and we made our own photo booth at the ceremony site.

Guests were encouraged to take their own pictures while waiting for the ceremony to begin in the 'booth.'  These shots were from our photographer, Scott.  Gabriel and his groomsmen set it up before guests arrived in a very short amount of time, and the best part is there was no waste or expense.  The drapes and frame are now hanging in his music recording studio in our house (but that's another post). 

In the reception room, hanging on every wall behind guests' seats, were streamers of photos of me & Gabriel throughout the years.  Mixed in were childhood photos of each one of us, family photos, and the two of us during the past [now ten!] years.  He and I made a few of the streamers at our house, using ribbon and clothespins we already had on hand, but my mom and mamaw made all the others.  It was a lot of fun in the months leading up to the big day to have our friends' parents and our families contribute photos they had of us too.

This element has to be one of my favorites of all our decorations.  It was so touching to hear and see people mingling with others while reminiscing and commenting on all the photos.  It got people out of their chairs before and during the reception, and provided an easy ice breaker for guests who didn't know each other--not that it was necessary in our friendly outgoing crowd.  And, just as with the 'photo booth,' there was no waste associated with this project; all the materials and photos are either being re-used or stored for future use. 

I had heard horror stories about computer slide show malfunctions, so we chose to go the low-tech route with the photo streamers.  I'm so glad we did.  Not only did we save stress and $$ by nixing the slide show and all the technical equipment associated with it, but looking through the photos our photographer shot, I love seeing these streamers in the background behind the happy guests.  I think they helped set the tone and added to the homey mood in the room.

Never underestimate the power of personal touches, my friends.  

Perhaps that last line should have been the theme for 'WEDding WEDnesdays.'

{Suzani drapes were purchased at Cost Plus World Market.}

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