Success! Behold the flognarde

As promised, since my fancy recipe was a total success, I am sharing it with you.  Yesterday, I made a Peach and Blackberry Flognarde, following Chef John's instructions.  Chef John is the creator of Food Wishes, a food blog where he hilariously shares his culinary talents with the world.  He has a kind of dry sense of humor, which I love, and also which I find to be a refreshing break from the stale (get it, stale? punny, right!) food bloggers who don't inject humor into their recipe-sharing.  Food is supposed to be fun!  His style is relaxed, straight-forward, and funny, and his recipes are easy to follow on his videos.  He even taught me how to crack and egg with one hand!  Honestly, knowing how to do this was on my bucket list, so I watched his how-to video, tried it, and nailed it the first time.  I was so freakin happy, you don't even know. 

Anyway, the recipe, pronounced 'flow-nyard', is quite simple.  Click the link above for his recommendation on how to make it.  I made a few minor adjustments to mine {no surprise there}, so it looks a little different.

First, I used my freshly picked blackberries, which I had been storing in a Ziploc bag in the freezer.  When I thawed them out to use them in the recipe, there was a considerable amount of juice that ultimately ended up in the dish, hence the darker color.  Second, I used all-purpose flour rather than whole wheat.  And lastly, I used a hell of a lot more peaches.  The aroma filled my kitchen, and I could not wait to indulge once it had finished baking and cooled completely. 

The result is much like cobbler, but instead of a crust, there is an almost pudding-like consistency to the baked batter.  And the thyme, yes thyme, is an interesting and very welcome flavor.  If you have thyme time, check out Chef John's blog, and maybe even try this recipe yourself.  I'm having it for breakfast with coffee. Right. Now.

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