This weekend is...

...this guy's birthday!  

 my guys: Clayton, (me), Casey

My long-time buddy Casey is turning 25, which means a blow-out all-weekend party in the Delta. Keg. Boats. Bocce ball. Beer. BBQ. Tent Camping. Wine. Beer. Beer. Big brother Clay makes the most delicious Chardonnay, so I'm hoping he still has some on hand.

Me & Abby showing off our guns in a heated game of bocce

...and more than likely many rounds of beirut, flip-cup, and other beverage-related festivities.

Nancy, Clay & Case's mom, loves her beer. And we love mom. ;)

What plans have you for this weekend, friends?  Hopefully they involve spending time with friends and staying well-hydrated. ;) Yay for summertime!

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