This weekend, I am:

1. Swapping our guest room and master bedroom.
2. Celebrating Mom's 50th birthday with a big bar bash.
3. Making my famous scones.

Last night while browsing through my inspiration binder, I got a wild hair.  To my friends and family it is no secret that I rearrange and redecorate regularly, so this should come as no surprise to them.  I need change, so we are moving out of our master bedroom and into our (smaller) guest room.  I have many valid reasons for doing this, as always, but mainly because the feng shui^ is much better in the guest room.  Ever since little sister and I painted the room a couple weeks ago when she visited, I have found myself spending more time in that room and really enjoy how it has come together.

There are a couple of obstacles to overcome with this move, though.  One, the closet is significantly smaller than the closet I currently have in the master bedroom.  That's right, I have.  Gabe's closet is in his studio in the adjacent room.  Totally necessary.  So, I will need to either downsize the wardrobe or store my out of season clothing in the other closet.  I may do a combination of both, because I love to get rid of things!  Another concern is placement of Ziggy's bed.  Bowie sleeps with us--all 70+ lbs of husky/shepherd on a queen size bed--but Ziggy has her own big bed on the floor, which will be tricky to place in the smaller room.  I don't doubt I can make it work, it's what I do, but it may take some trial-and-error.

When redecorating, I sometimes draw out the rooms and space plan that way, but more often I simply dive in and start pushing and pulling, flipping and lifting stuff.  The hands-on approach has produced the best results in my experience, even though the drawings always look promising. 

Since I got hubby's thumbs-up last night, and we survived our trial night of sleeping in the guest room, I plan on bursting through the door at 5 o'clock this afternoon when I get off work, blasting Feist, and commencing relocation.

Here is the BEFORE:

Gimme a week or so to produce a decent AFTER, won't you.  :)

In other news, Mom is turning the big 5-0 tomorrow, and at her request, we are having a big karaoke party for her tomorrow at a local bar.  As I've told you before, Mom is country.  A true-blue redneck woman.  Now, I can't divulge the details of this party, in case she is reading this post right now, so I'll have to be careful.  But I will give you a hint: you know who else is turning 50 this year?  No?  I'll tell you.  Little Debbie!  As in Little Debbie snack foods.  AND...wait for it...Mom's name is Debbie!  How perfect is that for a theme??  I sent out announcements a couple weeks ago, and have received a great response, so this party is turning out to be a great one!

Lastly, my homemade scones.  I have recently become absolutely obsessed with TasteSpotting, 'a community driven visual potluck,' as the site proclaims.  I stumbled upon it on Monday, and have been ogling ever since.  Several recipes have inspired me to make some really killer meals this week, like the BBQ mussels with white wine butter sauce, cold Dijon veggies salad, roasted creamer potatoes, and asiago pepper loaf I prepared for dinner on Monday, with them help of hubby and BILly (brother-in-law) Theodor.  I have not yet made savory scones, only sweet, so I plan on mixing it up on Sunday.  I have got the basic technique down for preparing my scones, all I have to do is swap out the berries and lavender with, I dunno, peas and bacon?  Or perhaps I will use roasted corn and...bacon?  Or bacon and bacon?  Mmmmm.  Bacon is the one thing I missed while I was a pescetarian the past year and a half...  Now we have been reunited and I am again fully satisfied.  Man this is a long post.

What are your weekend plans?  Anyone else driven by feng shui when decorating?  ^If so, a great reference is the book Practical Feng Shui, by Simon G. Brown.  Hubby bought it for me several years ago, and I depend on it every time I choose to spruce up a room.  My favorite section in the book is where he diagrams each position of the bed, facing every possible direction, and what each placement means.  We find that having our bed positioned so our heads are facing east when lying down is most favorable for us in our current stages of our lives.  In short, this position makes young professionals feel like the world is their oyster, so to speak.  Check it out.  And have a happy weekend!

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alli/hooray said...

have fun making the switch! looking forward to the after pics :) I sometimes wonder what it would be like to switch ours, too...

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