My name is Cassi and I am an Etsyholic.

Virgos are givers, naturally, so I want to make sure and share with everyone the Internet's greatest gift: Etsy.  To many of you reading this, or perhaps all of you, Etsy is not a new thing.  It is my homepage, my #1 source of inspiration, and my go-to place for gift shopping.  My Etsy profile can vouch that I am an avid buyer, but I won't regurgitate all of my past purchases--just a couple.  In the past month, I bought two really awesome items, packed with personality, one for Mom for Mothers' Day, and one for the hubs.

The former is a very personal gift for my Mom;  she is from Kentucky and has very fond childhood memories of eating at Cracker Barrel.  I found it at Vintage Home Recycled's shop.  I stuffed it with these reusable produce bags for her gift, which I found thanks to Jen.  I was just over at her house for supper the other night and saw this jar filled with candy on the kitchen counter... just one of many ideal uses.

The latter was a little somethin' I picked up just for fun for the hubs, whose name is (spoiler alert!) Gabe.  It's a vintage ash tray--neither of us smokes--that reads: "GABES - THE STEAK HOUSE OF THE SOUTH - OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY - FAMOUS FOR FOOD SINCE '22."  I just love that last line because it's kind of odd.  I mean, usually restaurants claim to be famous for a specific type of food --burgers, shakes, tacos, biscuits--but Gabes is famous for "food."  I found it at eclecticamiami --such a fun shop!--whose owner requests and shares photos of the items in their new homes.  Great idea.
The first photo shows its current location, which could change instantaneously because I'm a habitual re-decorator.  Really, I get sick of things so easily, it's actually my reasoning for never getting a tattoo.

The hubs knows he's lucky because he's the one thing I've never gotten sick of.  :)

What gems have you purchased on Etsy?  Please. Do share.  And please, feel free to buy me anything from my Etsy profile Favorites page. *wink

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