Made. Shared. Done. #1

That's the name of a folder I keep in my giant "Cassi's Inspiration" folder on my appendage: Free Agent Go.  Really, it goes where I go.  No exceptions.  And it's amazing that I haven't filled it yet!  Anyhow, I began keeping a folder of files representing projects I've completed, photos/articles I've shared with those intended to receive them, and products I've bought, just to keep track and stay organized, of course.  I plan on periodically sharing these files with you, and thought I'd start now.  I found this photo whilst blog-hopping in June '09 (note: before I began saving the source in the file name; I apologize) and recreated it in my home office not long after. Please, if this is your photo, let me know so I can credit you properly.
My office arrangement has changed upwards of 67 times since we bought the home in Feb '09, but here is the most recent look.
I've had an ever-growing collection of vintage, handmade, and new scarves since I was a kiddo, and I always felt sad about storing them in a drawer.  They're so beautiful!  And, they kept me from having to get custom roman shades for this window...score.  Most of these scarves were gifts, which I love to display not only for my pure enjoyment, but for the gift-givers to see when they visit.  And yes, that's an IKEA Expedit to the right, being used as a room divider, but that's another post.  By the way, these photos of my actual office are stored in a folder named "Home Is Where You Make It" -- for all you Joe Dirt fans.  Good night.

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