i love polyvore to jumpstart the work week!

During my morning bloghopping, I clicked on an ad featured on desiretoinspire for 2Modern--a shopping site that has everything from home to baby goods, all super stylish.  I spotted a link on the sidebar that read Style A Room, and I was intrigued.  Oooooooh what fun!  Check out what I created:

No, I'm not prego, but the rocker was the first item that grabbed my attention, so I was immediately inspired to create a hip kiddies room.  Powered by the awesome polyvore, there aren't a crazy number of options, so I did my best with the items offered.  I believe I had more fun creating this room than creating these outfits!  

If you feel inspired to create your own room {it'll make your Monday!}, please send me a link so I can see yours!  Help spread the creative bug for an inspiring week. :)

**update** And I'm hooked.

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