'world's most comfortable thong,' you say??

I concur.
I know $23 a pair seems a bit steep, but these Hanky Panky thongs really truly are the most comfortable chones I've ever worn!  I picked up a few pairs at Nordstrom, after hearing Abby and the sales clerk praise them.  The tags read, "World's Most Comfortable Thong," so I was intrigued.  They're one size fits all, which is difficult to believe when you see them arranged on the display table because they look small, but they fit like a dream.  Bye bye Target and VS cheapos!  My challenge will not only be to budget wisely so I can afford to swap out all my non-Hanky Panky chones, but to keep Bowie away from them...the dog's got expensive taste.

Pick up a couple pairs this weekend.  Your bum will thank you!

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