laughs in Napa w/ hubby

Gabe and I saw Lisa Lampanelli perform live in Napa on Friday night, and we had a blast!  We did not stop laughing during her entire set.  She is one ridiculously hilarious broad.  Here are some photos from that night + the next day.

  • This sweet message was posted on the outside wall of a business, randomly, on First Street in Napa.  We saw it while walking to eat the yummiest Mexican food at Bistro Sabor.  Two words, friends: homemade. churros.
  • Me, enjoying a glass of {free!} Cabernet at Embassy Suites, where we were lucky enough to stay for a very reasonable rate.  Not only is the hotel beautiful and conveniently located in downtown Napa, but they offer free drinks for several hours every day in their in-house restaurant. Score!
  • A black swan!  There were two of these fellas chilling in the pond area at our hotel. 
  • The theater Lisa performed at was so cute and old-timey.  
Our hotel fed us a full-on-super-awesome-made-to-order-breakfast the next morning {included}, then we hit up some antique shops and Ben + Jerry's downtown.  It was a quick, close little getaway, and the weather was nice enough to cooperate.  We got the impression from the locals that Bistro Sabor is a newer restaurant, and I think it's going to last.  I've been thinking about those mouthwatering tacos and churros all day...

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