i've been thinking a lot about leisure

Leisure, by definition, is time free from work or duties, or time available for ease and relaxation. 

... allow me to ramble on for a while before getting back to this ...

Perhaps it is the lack of sunlight combined with this annoying funk I have been in for too long, but I find myself looking at others' pastimes and glamorizing them to the max.  Just as easily as photos and stories that friends share on their blogs can inspire me, they can turn the magnifying glass on my own life for close observation.  Would you agree that Blogland can very easily do that to you?  I'm not complaining, and I know things aren't always what they seem, but my overactive imagination can get the best of me at times. 

For example, I won't name names {or blog titles}, but in the past couple of months I have discovered a beautiful blogger with incredible style, who is super crafty, and has the most picturesque family; another adorable blogger full of spunk and humor, and who has a stellar relationship with her husband; and another {younger} blogger who seems to never stray from her style and knows exactly her aesthetic.  I can't help but feel a tinge of jealousy as I follow these people, but I am trying to take a positive approach.  I think:  What about their photos or their stories or posts makes me feel jealous?  Do they have something I don't have?  Am I missing out on the fun?  Am I wasting my time and talents when I could be doing similar things that would bring me joy and that I could share with others?  ... Am I a total brat for thinking this way when I have so much in my life for which to be thankful?  I remind myself I am not alone, and I know if these people heard me asking these questions, they would assure me their lives aren't perfect. 

... this post has turned in to a rambling on 'vulnerability' apparently, rather than 'leisure' ...
Getting back to discussing leisureA year ago I canceled our television service, and we have proudly been a TV-free household.  I thought this would encourage us to make our leisure time more beneficial, and I think in some ways it has.  When I'm not feeling completely mentally drained {Virgos exhaust themselves without even trying by incessantly overthinking everything}, I leisurely take the dogs for a walk, reorganize a room in my house, spend time with friends, grab my new fancycam and take some shots, scout new recipes, or sketch room layouts.  But when I just want to turn my brain off, I pop in a DVD, read a book, shop online {dangerous!}, or blog-hop.  The bad weather lately is partially to blame for my spending most of my leisure time doing these brain-off activities, so I am desperately anxious for consistent sunny weather so I can improve upon that.  I look forward to riding my bike downtown to Ginger Elizabeth {Abby's fav} for delicious macarons--exercise + a treat!--and cranking happy-summertime-folk-tunes while sun-basking in my backyard.  Maybe that's it!  My creativity has been washed away by all this rain and crappy weather, that I need sunlight and warmth to recharge!  I hear the next few days are going to be sunny here, so QUICK, gimme some ideas to make the most of it!  I will take any/all suggestions to heart. 

I started this post with the intention of lightly joking about clichés, after watching a super cute video I saw on Isabelle's blog, but it somehow morphed.  Maybe I got caught in my own joke: the French make you jealous! hahahahaa...  So I leave you with said video with the hopes that it makes you smile.  And should you feel a little jealous of this cute Frenchie, just know, you are not alone. ;)

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