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As much as I would like to think I would be satisfied with an all black-and-white-and-denim wardrobe, wearing simply jeans and a tee everyday, I am all too often reminded of how impractical that is.  Then I come across some gorgeous piece like this maxi dress, and I am grateful I didn't chuck all the pretty pieces I own! 

Like any chick, I get in these crazy moods, but in my {oh-so-mature, ha!} adult years I have learned some discipline when it comes to acting impulsively. One thing I do, when I think I am over an article of clothing in my wardrobe, is take it out of my main closet and hang it in my spare closet.  Usually I forget about it after a while, which is good, because when I come across it, I can more objectively evaluate whether or not I love it enough to keep it. I often throw clothing I'm on the fence about in a giant bag in my spare closet, and sometimes even sift through it looking for something to wear.  I guess to give it one more go...which is how a certain sherbet orange-and-magenta peasant skirt keeps making its way back in to my main closet.

Back to the gorgeous maxi.  When I spotted it this morning on ModCloth, a super cute site that features a whole host of new items every day, I quickly dreamed up this ensemble:

Day or night. Spring, summer, or autumn.  This outfit rocks!  I already own the shades, sandals, fragrance, and hair luckily, and I've got similar jewelry that will suffice, but I still need the dress and the jacket to pull off this entire look.  My tortoise shell shades are from anthropologie but look very similar to the Vans pair pictured.  I own the exact sandals pictured from J.Crew, and although I have some vintage jewelry with the essence of these pieces pictured, I am totally digging that bracelet {"oh pear bracelet" from ModCloth}, so I might have to add that to my shopping cart along with the dress...

A worn denim jacket has been on my list for some time now, but I just can't find one with the right fit yet.  The ones I have tried make me feel so butch...not a very sexy feeling.  I threw in the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance because it is my favorite accessory.  Not only is the bottle so beautiful perched on my vanity, but it smells divine.  Abby turned me on to it, then I turned little sister on to it. 

Full disclosure: knowing me, I would take that bracelet off and throw my hair up in a ponytail halfway through the day, but at least I could spend part of the day looking all put-together.  ;)  Now I just have to learn how to do that fishtail braid to my hair...

{photo sources: hair, jacket, shades, necklace, dress, fragrance, sandals, bracelet}

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Natalie said...

love the whole look... wish i had a spare closet!

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