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I am fortunate enough to live only a couple miles from work, so I usually go home for lunch during the week.  Lately, I have been making some pretty unhealthy choices {cheese, fat, more fat} and it was all catching up with me.  My body was getting mad, so I treated it to a refreshingly healthy lunch yesterday.

I made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up the fresh ingredients and arrived home with a concept, hoping it would turn out delicious.  I say hoping because I come up with new ideas for food all the time and while they seem great in theory, they don't always work in execution.
Well, I'm proud to admit, this lunch was a hit!

{photo taken w/ old Canon Powershot, not my new fancycam}

Spring mix salad greens
blue cheese crumbles
red d'Anjou pear

stone ground mustard
safflower oil
roasted walnut oil
white balsamic vinegar

whole grain bagel, toasted
alfalfa sprouts, dressed with fresh lemon juice, KS&P, and a drop of safflower oil
KS&P, to taste

I know avocados and oil and cheese are fats, but two of the three are good fats, and I felt really good after eating!  I didn't experience that 3:00 crash at my desk, and I was sustained until I got around to eating dinner at around 8:00 last night.  So, I'd say this lunch was a success.

That smashed avocado on the toasted bagel was inspired by Miss Moss's tumblr page, dedicated to all things beautiful about breakfast.  So cute!  If I would have gotten up on time this morning, I so would have made one for breakfast, with some jam maybe.  Instead, I grabbed a banana and pop-tarts on my way out the door, hair in a messy ponytail, wearing an over-sized sweatshirt, boyfriend jeans, and Jack Purcells.  Oh well, it's Friday friends!!

I demand that you have a delicious weekend!

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