V-day surprise: hubby reads my blog!

I came home from work Monday to find this giant fort in my great room, made out of every sheet and blanket we own it seems, and about fifty clothespins and binder clips.  Hubby definitely surprised me!!  There were string lights, a roaring fire in the fireplace, fresh flowers in a vase, a nice bottle of wine, board games, and take-out for dinner and dessert from Hot Italian!  Wow.  It was so awesome.

He told me that due to weather, he was on to Plan E for how he was planning on treating me for the holiday, and after reading my post on forts, he knew building me this was the perfect surprise.  He was totally right.  It is now Wednesday, and the fort still remains up.  I love how organic it is, with the ladder and all...:)

We spent the evening chilling in our fort with our dogs; played Battleship, Yahtzee, and card games; ate delicious salad, pizza, and Zucchero, with Kokomo Pinot Noir; and exchanged our traditional two-cards-a-piece: one sweet, one funny.  It was really a great night. 

And for breakfast...leftover Zucchero + coffee. yum.

How was everyone's Valentine's Day?? I hope yours was splendid!

{And yep! That's an EmersonMade Jack Tack on my shirt pocket!!} ;)


abby said...

i love it!

alli/hooray said...

I somehow missed this post earlier, but this is awesome! what a sweet idea and so fun.

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