nostalgia: hair wraps

After spending the last couple hours perusing the archives of Miss Moss, I came across a photo she shared that took me back to my childhood summer vacations. This photo.

My Dad moved up to Oregon when I was eight years old, so from that time until I was twenty, I spent every summer there.  When I was a tween, I thought going to Saturday Market in Portland was so freaking cool.  I remember being thirteen, and my same-aged step sister at the time and I would take public transportation {from roughly 30 miles away} into the city and spend all day shopping, eating, and getting hair wraps!  I always had super long hair, so my wrap {including springing for the expensive ivory beads} always cost significantly more than hers, but I would keep it all summer and for a couple months in to the school year.  I loved them!  However, I learned after the first time getting one not to get the tiny bells added to the ends...they were pretty annoying, and my Cheerleading coach didn't appreciate the noise they made when I jumped around. ;)

Does anyone get hair wraps anymore??  I haven't seen any for years, and when I visited Saturday Market for Thanksgiving last year, I didn't see any booths offering them.  I suppose I could give myself one if I really wanted to.  I have a ton of embroidery thread and beads, and I mastered the Chinese Staircase knots at summer camp when I was like nine.  Or I could follow these instructions...haahahha! 
I might just give it a go...probably in an inconspicuous place like at the nape of my neck, since I work in an office.  I don't think pink thread sticking out of the top of my head screams authority.  Ah, to be young again.

That reminds me!  My cousin trusted me to cut out her hair wrap that started in the middle of the top of her head at her part, and I was so nervous, I accidentally cut her hair, rather than the thread.  She had this two-inch chunk sticking out like Alfalfa for months, and she was not happy with me.  Oops!  We were like thirteen at that time.  Sorry Heather! ;)

Did you gals every get hair wraps?

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