Better than nothin'

First, readers, my apologies for being MIA lately.  I truly have been extremely busy, and not in a good way, unfortunately.  I wish I could say that I finally kicked myself into gear and have been rollin through projects like a mad woman, but I've just been working. working. working. working. Oh! And drinking. drinking. Wine, that is. So, that's something good to post I think!  Especially since I've been drinking some really super good wine.  But, that's another post... Right now, I want to share with you another very cool and inspiring video I stumbled upon while blog-hopping.  I discovered [through various channels] Makeunder My Life 's blog just now, and watched this video, and thought I'd break my procrastination mold and post about it. 
Also, if you have time, check out the rest of her blog--it's cute... :)  Lemme know what you think....  of the video, her blog, my drinking, anything.  Really.

Yes, I've said this before.

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