got five minutes?

I just had to share with you a very good thing I just did (and should have done a long time ago)...

The Internet was down in my office--boo bad weather and wireless connex--so I decided to be productive and call all the toll-free numbers printed on the unwanted catalogs I receive, and asked each one to kindly remove my contact information.  Every rep I spoke with was just delightful, and acquiesced my request without hesitation.  Every one of these catalog companies bought my info from another source, as I have never requested to receive a single one of them.  I'm not upset, but I also don't feel I need to be a part of that paper-wasting industry, when I can easily shop on their websites.

My mission was simple, and was completed in record time.  Bonus!  When I called West Elm Customer Service, the rep asked if I would like to be taken off all their mailings, which include--unbeknownst to me--West Elm, Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Seasonal, Pottery Barn Teen, Pottery Barn Baby, and Williams-Sonoma.  Who knew?? It was like I killed two birds with one stone, or rather, "saved six trees with one call."  ?

The others I unsubscribed to include: Crate and Barrel, CB2, Chia'sso (?), and Urban Outfitters.  I'm an anthro gal, and I know UO owns anthro, but c'mon, completely different aesthetic here, people!

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