'cause you belong to my friend Link

...check these out...

David Bowie as Captain Hook?

Making sense of your dreams {or nightmares}

Halloween is approaching. Follow Stain Boy through Tim Burton's galleries for inspiration.

Wow. I read this as quickly as I read everything. No problem.

Since Gabe + I share clothes, our looks wouldn't be that interesting.

If you don't love photos of baby animals, there is something wrong with you. Just look at the baby deer!

This will be Bowie when we have babies.
These fairytale destinations provide a good escape.

I just participated. It was fun! I love a challenge.

Dear California girls,

This post was pretty fun.  Perhaps I'll turn it into a weekly installment now that WEDding WEDnesdays are a thing of the {recent} past.

I wonder how many of you got the Encino Man reference in the title...

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