Technology is not my friend right now

Last night while performing a routine file-renaming on my beloved Free Agent Go, an earthquake shook my perfectly organized world.  Okay, so not literally, but metaphorically...Bah! I don't even know how it happened, but while viewing a file whose name I noticed was misspelled, {'Askansas' instead of 'Arkansas'} I right-clicked on the file name to fix it--like any anal perfectionist Virgo would do--but rather than just fixing that one file name, all the files in the containing folder were renamed!  I hope at least one of you reading this feels my pain.  I know I sound dramatic, but there is no fixing this!  I tried for hours {literally, this time} last night to restore the original file names, which contain pertinent information such as the source/my reason for saving the file/whose work it is/etc., and I think I made things worse.

At this point, all I can do is rummage through every file in my computer's downloads folder and hope some of these files' original names are still stored there.  From the looks of it, I lost the data for the past six months {up until my last driver backup I performed in March}, and because I save an average of four images a day, if you do the math you will realize how big of an issue this is.  I am mostly upset because I pride myself on my diligent research and proper sourcing.
  Too many interjections. Too few solutions.

Anyway, that is my sad little story.  There are worse tragedies, I know.  Please cut me some slack in the future if I share a photo for which I do not have the source.  In such a case I will be referencing this post, and asking for your help.  Fo. Sho.

Ya'll enjoy the Labor Day weekend!

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