Gossip Girl season 4...

...premieres tonight on the CW!
So, I could easily watch this show on mute because the dialogue is not that great, but I do enjoy the fashion!  I take part of that back, Blaire's dialogue is pretty good--she has a mean version of Cher from Clueless vibe to her character--so I like her.  The season premiere follows Blaire and Serena through Paris {really, they're in Paris!} so their outfits will be over-the-top-fabulous.

...can't wait.  The show is at 9/8c, and hopefully will be streaming online shortly afterward so I can watch it.  I knew I would second-guess my cable nixing once the fall season rolled around and the shows were airing in full-force.

It's okay.  I will live.  {mantra?}

P.S. Chuck is alive!  I know because I cheated and watched the season premiere online, and also flipped through the photo gallery on the CW page.  And guess what else...Clemence Poesy makes a guest appearance.  Look:

 ooh la la!

{all photos are from the CW page}

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Kayla Danelle Anderson said...

That's what we do too! Forget tv. Rather watch for free online :)

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