next weekend, i will have a new SIL ... {WEDding WEDnesday}

That's right, my little brother is getting married.  To my best friend from high school.
Life is funny, and rewarding, that way.  Their relationship is young, but their chemistry is undeniable, and I could not be happier with whom my little bro chose to spend {and make us spend} the rest of his life.  And if he thinks she and I are crazy when we're together now...just wait til we're related.

Anyhow, Sarah, my brother's bride, actually inspired today's WEDding WEDnesday post.  She left me a voice mail the other day asking what I used for the money dance at our reception, in terms of a pouch or bag.  First, let me say that I was not always on board for having a money dance, but our DJ eventually convinced us to go for it and call it a honeymoon dance.  That tasted better going down.  Mom was thrilled we were having one, and in the end Gabe and I were too.  Not only did it allow us a chance to dance with several of our guests with whom we would normally not get the opportunity to dance, but we made a healthy chunk of moola!  I won't divulge the dollar amount, but in case you are curious, let's just say we could have bought this, this, these, this {in both colors}, and these, and still had change leftover for a couple of coffees.  So, having the lovely experience that we did, I reassured Sarah of the benefits of having a money honeymoon dance.

{that's little, well, bigger, but younger brother}
{and yes I realized my lipstick desperately needed re-freshening, but no time}

While the pouch definitely came in handy, keep in mind not everyone will want to follow suit, and you'll have bills sticking out of your cleavage throughout the dance...good times.

And Sarah, if you are reading this, I used an Anthropologie muslin drawstring bag.  You know, the one in which the sales associates roll up and stuff your receipt?  Yeah, that one.  Free & effective.  Simple as that. I could make you a custom pouch, lickity-split!  You just say the word and I will bust out the ol' sewing machine.  :)
 {full pouch!}

{anthro pouch photo source: juliebidwell}

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