Do we have time for an ensemble montage? {WEDding WEDnesday}

Any chance I get to create a montage, I take full advantage of it.  Our ring bearer's mom asked me to give her an idea of what to dress her little man, Dino, in.  So, to make it easy, I put together an outfit that included pieces he already owns, like his school uniform pants and shirt.  And just like the groomsmen, I bought a vintage bow tie for little Dino too.  He loved it, cuz he felt like the men.  Here's the montage I gave her:

She delivered, and Dino fit right in with the groomsmen.

I think he was relieved when he got to take off the vest at the reception, though. ;)

Fun kid.

Happy hump day!

1 comment:

Nina Caroline said...

oooh, what a cute kid!! and a nice montage as well :)

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