Make it real - WEDding WEDnesday

I encourage brides {and grooms} to meditate, communicate, and stay focused on the real reasons they are planning a wedding;  whether it is a big blow out or small intimate event, be on the same page.

It was important to both Gabe and me to include our guests as much as possible in the festivities.  Everyone played a part in the ceremony and reception, from showering us with flower pedals as we walked as husband and wife down the aisle, to forming a circle around us on the dance floor and passing around a microphone to share warm {sometimes surprisingly blunt} wishes.  Also, as I have shared with you before, our guests wrote us personal notes on comment cards.  We didn't want our guests to just be our audience, feed them and send them off with favors, but to {in a sense} play supporting roles--one person just as important as the next person.

Several gave speeches.

And everyone got to say a little something ... followed by a huge group hug.     


If it wasn't so important for us to make our guests a special part of our day, we would have just eloped.  Which, I'm not gonna lie, sounded like a mighty good idea when we reached the one-month mark before the wedding day.  So many things come together in that last month that really test one's tolerance level.  It was well worth it looking back, but I wouldn't do it again.  Luckily, I don't have to. ;)

This is probably my last WW post.  I hope you've enjoyed reading them the past few months, and been inspired to take the DIY route when planning your own wedding.  I have been delighted to share my wedding with you.  :)

.group hug.

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