move over Lonny, there's a new mag online

Okay, that sounds mean.  I appreciate Lonny.  You should read it.
You should also read Standard!
I just flipped through this new online magazine--dedicated to all things eco without the annoying redundancy of reminding readers that every aspect of the mag is green--and it is intriguing.  I am seeing good things in its future.  I especially recommend reading the two following inspiring articles:

  p. 76  That Old Thang?
  p. 88  Bride of the Wild West

The former tells the neat story of two friends, both actors, relocating from LA to Austin without purchasing anything.  The two have very different styles:  she prefers, "glamorous, white, and chic" collections, while his pieces are "very masculine Arts & Crafts."  That they meshed both styles together so effectively is refreshing!  Maybe you and your significant other are combining two spaces into one and need some reassuring that all will work out.  Read this article.

The latter is a fun spread showing a new spin on the modern bachelorette party.  It is set in the desert among Joshua trees {which Gabe was completely enamored with on his roadtrip to/from Arkansas last year}, and has a girls' club-native-theme.  Really cute.

Check out Standard mag and let me know what you think!  And if you're feeling it, show them some love on their website.

I'm really digging these online mags.  Up next: Rue!

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