What's a BEFORE without an AFTER

Do you recall me asking you to give me a week or so to provide decent 'after' photos of our guest-room-turned-master-bedroom?  Well, I meant six weeks.  Procrastinator Virgo, remember?  And although I can't honestly call these 'after' photos, as I change things so frequently, I shall call them 'afterish'--how's that?
First, here's one {or three} before photos: 

:::drumroll:::  And here are the afterish photos:

A few notes about the room:
  • We painted the walls a peachy hue which is very complementary to our skin tones, we've noticed ;)
  • We replaced the outdated fan/light fixture with the same one we put in the old master bedroom
  • I majorly paired down the wardrobe in order to fit everything in the {much smaller} closet
  • I swapped out the drapery, replacing the IKEA curtains with scarves that I got from Target and H&M
  • Other than the wall paint, we didn't spend a dime on this room; everything in it was taken from other rooms in our home. I love free!
  • The wooden box in the last photo was already being used as a doorstop, and just so happened to fit all of my flip flops perfectly in it. Score! The rest of my shoes are hiding behind the bedroom door.
Things still to be done:
  • Hang the dressing mirror on the wall
  • Patch the hole in the wall where the previous owners had {I'm guessing} intentions of installing an outlet
  • Hang art on the walls!  I mean, the headboard looks nice and all, but it's the only thing on any of the walls.  That just won't do.
  • Get curtain for closing off closet, even though my stuff looks so pretty and organized... ;)
  • Someday get bed linens that actually match.  Maybe.
That headboard and I have a love-hate relationship.  I made it out of plywood, muslin, and batting when I moved in to my first place 5+ years ago--back when I was on a staple-gun-craft-rampage--and have considered chucking it many-a-time.  I think, 'I would rather have a nice sturdy modern graphic headboard from like West Elm or somewhere,' but when it comes down to it, I can't part with my labor of love.  So, to give it new life, I drape a piece of fabric over it to make it work with the space.  Thank you, domino.

Hubby loves the new room.  Dogs seem content there.  All is well.  Don't be surprised to see more {completely different} afterish photos of this room in the future, though.  It's just what I do.


alli/hooray said...

how fun! looking good...especially love the organized closet, it must feel good! that's on my list of things to do...

Cassi said...

Thanks Alli! I was thinking of you when I was taking the 'afterish' photos, since you said on the last post that you were looking forward to seeing them...sorry it took so long! :)

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