Nostalgia always hits me hard.

Autumn is my favorite time of year, no question.  And it is at this time of year when my nostalgia kicks in to high gear, and I long for Gabe's homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese, my boots {any/all of them!}, layering, crackling fires in our fireplaces, and...October Road. 

Like all wonderful things I become so reliant on but are too soon taken from me, {Gilmore Girls, Shop Etc. mag, domino mag, [forgotten-brand] old fashioned glazed devils food donuts -- just to name a few}, October Road was a TV show that lasted only two seasons.  Does anyone remember this show?  I do!  I think about it quite often, actually, and miss the warm soft lighting and the abundant fall colors in their town of Knights Ridge.  A fictional town, like Stars Hollow of GG, Knights Ridge had bright autumnal-leaved-trees lining every neighborhood street, a sub shop and bar that offered locals a hub, and a church whose pointed roof stuck out prominently from the surrounding charming landscape.  I remember feeling completely transported into this setting, and envisioned living in a place exactly like it someday.

The main character, Hannah Daniels {Laura Prepon}, always had her shiny blonde hair styled in a perfectly wavy 'do, which rested effortlessly on her cozy knitted wrap cardigans.  Her character's hair and wardrobe still serve as stylish inspiration for me when temperatures drop {which, I really hope will be any day now in N.CA, seeing as how we're officially in Autumn, but it's still icky triple-digits}.

Just look at these colors!  So vibrant. So cozy. So jealous am I not to live in a place that looks like this year-round.  Such a place does not exist, of course, but if it did, I would certainly call it home.


This post isn't all somber though.  Thanks to hulu, I can watch full episodes of October Road as many times as I want.  And I did.  Just now.  Then I watched the ten-minute series finale special that the producers filmed when they found out the show was being cancelled, which reveals who Sam's father really is.  :::drumroll:::
It's Nick! Duh, the peanut allergy. Dead giveaway.  Anyway, I suppose I could own the DVD sets, like I do GG, and watch them whenever, but that thought hadn't occurred to me until today.

Tomorrow is the beginning of October!  Which means, Halloweentime!!!  Many posts to come.   

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