Nothing is sadder than getting into my truck Monday morning to drive to work, and seeing a still-full tank of gas.  It reminds me that I didn't do anything over the weekend!  So, to get my adventurous juices flowing, and hopefully yours as well, I'm sharing some fun ideas for all of us to make the most of the next couple of days. 

*Channel your inner child and:

jump around in a bounce house with your buddy

wear tiaras to a backyard bbq

... * Hit the beach and:

 tan responsibly

 wear out the dogs

boogie board with your buddy

go boating

toss your buddy overboard

...* Or hit the road to see:

Other? Cities

... * Play ball!

catch a ballgame

 play bocce ball at sunset

...* Two words:

 Theme. Party.

Go. Enjoy your weekend!

{all photos taken by yours truly}

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