Side part or middle part?

That's the most consideration I give in the a.m. to my hair.  And it never looks anything like this:

...or this:


Both of which seem quite effortless to create.  My hair is a similar length, and is thick and textured, so one would think I could achieve at least one of these looks pretty easily.  Nope.  I have zero bend or curl in my head of hair.  Straight as Popsicle sticks.  Even spraying sea salt spray on my damp locks until carpal tunnel sets in doesn't do a damn thing.  I'm hoping to steal lil sister's magical curling iron when she comes to visit me next month, so I can work on replicating the above relaxed-yet-sizzling do's.  

They look like they've been out in the heat of the summer sun all day, not too done-up, and not fresh off the motel mattress...which is the look I plan on going for this summer.  

What looks are you loving this season?  Anyone planning on keeping their long untamed locks, or chopping them off to beat the heat?

P.S. Don't you just love those sandals?? They're on sale right now...


Scott said...

I'm sure some stylist spent about three hours giving her hair that 'effortless' look :)

Cassi said...

Scott - I bet!
*Update: I ended up chopping off about nine inches of my hair and finally came to terms with the truth...my hair is fine. not thick. It used to be thick and full. Alas, age has not been good to me.

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