Anthropologie sale goodies!

Not that you'd be able to tell by looking at my outfit here, but I actually have a pretty well-stocked wardrobe.  If I were to organize my clothes in a pie chart by store, it would look something like this:

Pie.  Now I'm really hungry.  Anyway, while making my monthly trip to the Aveda salon in the Roseville Galleria (the reason?--that's another post), I realized I still had a gift card to Anthropologie from Christmas! that was now burning a hole in my wallet.  When I crossed over to the Fountains shopping center, it was packed with people--thanks to the much-missed beautiful weather and a giant water fountain for kids to play in--but was flagged down by a nice man who was letting me know he was leaving and I could have his [very-conveniently-located-across-from-anthro] parking space.  The day was going very well.  Then, as I approached the store, I was greeted by giant SALE banners, and a store full of sale racks.  It was like Heaven.  I spent a good hour+  browsing the entire store, only making two dressing room rounds.  I scored some delightful goods and got out of there as cheap as I ever have, amazing.  Here's what I bought (all on sale!):
The Crossroads Tee fits snugly as a tee or a sweater.  I'm actually wearing it today over a purple tank and bright orange and fuchsia paisley crinkle skirt.  It fit so comfortably, and was such a great price, I bought the same in beige.  It would be perfect paired with bright and/or neon accents.

I also snagged an adorable hat--I'm a huge fan of being too lazy to style my hair hats!  The colors are more vibrant in person.  I wore it yesterday to a Memorial Day BBQ at  my parents' and received many compliments.

This dress has to be the coziest dress I have ever tried on, truly.

I plan on wearing a brightly colored ruffle top underneath to my cousin's wedding in August.  And a belt, since the corsage is stitched above and below the seam at the waist, making a perfect belt loop.  I'll post a photo of the winning combo after the wedding. :)  The skirt  looks long in the photo, but it hits above the knee (I'm only 5'5.5"), and has a beautiful drape and overall fit.

I also found some really super cool biodegradable/compostable drinking straws with a cute circus stripe pattern, on sale.  I bought the lot.   They aren't available on the website, but I will post a photo later today if I remember.

Check your local Anthropologie to see if they're putting on a major sale event;  you'll thank me.

Update: I remembered!  Here are the straws.

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