a mini weekend diy project

Last week I picked up a free issue of Edible Sacramento, and found it packed with local fare.  Recipes.  Restaurant reviews.  Farmers market locations and... ads.  Beautiful ads!  I made a mental note to save one of the ads for my inspiration book, but instead ended up framing and hanging it. 

I love the muted color palette and the retro vibe.  And the fact that it was an actual place in a neighboring town made it special. 

The frame is a Ribba from IKEA, and the whole project cost $10!  And it only took me about twenty minutes from start to finish, including very carefully cleaning the glass in the frame--only to notice a husky hair in between the glass and the matting once it was all hung and pretty.  Oh well.  I've learned to just let. some. things. go.

Here's a closeup. 
Yesterday I read a post on AT about how a family had given up buying art for their home for a significant period of time, because they had to budget their money elsewhere, so their walls were sad and blank.  I understand, really, I do.  But, c'mon, anything can be ART.  As long as something speaks to you, it's art! Display it!  I've had a page ripped from a domino magazine in a tweed herringbone frame for years, and people comment on it all the time.  It's a cute camping scene with a cute guy and a cute gal, a tent, a truck, some dhurries, and camping gear, and I absolutely love it.  It is my little escape whenever I glance at it, because my fav pass-time is camping with my hubs. 

So, I encourage everyone to rethink ART.  For example, the next time you pull a fortune out of a cookie at Panda Express, if it speaks to you, frame it.  [mental note: next mini project]  And, please share your art projects.  I love to read about them.  Big or small, cheap or pricey, whichever.  Maybe we can inspire one another. 

Happy hump day!

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fresh365 said...

I agree! I think it is fun to put up photos or anything you find that inspires you at that time. I am constantly changing my artwork- but when it is inexpensive, you can!

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