Doing my part ... with an added bonus!

I meant to share this with you many moons ago, so I am doing so now while I am thinking about it.  I've been participating in a program called Recycle Caps with Aveda for several months now, and I feel really really good.

In short, Aveda collects plastic threaded caps--like the ones from water bottles, many pantry items, and beauty products--and recycles them properly, something many cities' recycling programs surprisingly do not do.  Check your city's recycling guidelines.  I bet the majority of them say to remove the caps and lids from their containers before tossing them in to the recycling bin.  

What I've done is place a big bright tub on my front porch and encouraged my friends and family to drop off their caps at my house, once they've collected a decent amount either at their workplace or homes.  I promote the program through bulletins on facebook, e-mails, and word-of-mouth.  The reason for creating a hub at my house is:  the nearest Aveda store is 26 miles one-way, on a very congested freeway.  I knew more people would get involved if I made it as easy as possible to participate.  I even tell people they can drop off dirty caps, and I will clean and sift through them before taking them to the store.

On average, I've been making about 1-2 trips per month, which means I also get to sneak in a trip to Anthropologie across the street...And, bonus!  The crew at Aveda are all so sweet, they shower me with free samples when I drop by.  I have yet to use any of the 20 product samples, but the hubs tried their hair gel and gives it two thumbs up!

The details of the ramifications of trashing lids and caps are gory, so I won't go into them here.  The website (linked above) gives you a good idea, and hopefully will make you want to get involved in your area.  Several schools across the nation have partnered with Aveda to promote the program, which is awesome!  Perhaps if you are a teacher, or know someone who is in the education field, you can discuss the possibility of implementing this program with your superiors.  Let's spread the word...

...and save the cute ducks.

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