I've given a lot of thought to my personal manifesto

For weeks I've been jotting down thoughts, quotes, words, etc. that I feel represent me, in hopes of creating a manifesto similar to the Kill Your TV poster I came across a while ago.  It was getting a bit out of control, to be honest. 

Then it hit me.  While washing Ava (my beloved Xterra) yesterday evening, I thought up a fantastically perfect motto. 

It follows the same rhythm as "treat others the way you would like to be treated," which is the ultimate life lesson.  It came to me as I was analyzing my personal creative rut I currently find myself in, realizing I use other people's blogs as not only a source for inspiration,  but mostly as a distraction.  Whether I am bookmarking a photo, a recipe, a touching story or project they've posted, I feel a little selfish when I don't return the favor by posting on my own blog.  I only have ninety billion things I could be sharing with the you that would surely inspire at least one person.  SO, my plan is to post more frequently and consistently, to try and live up to my new personal manifesto...hold on to your keyboards, readers. 

Quick note:  I don't know if this motto I've come up with has already been coined by someone, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if I'm not the first.  In fact, this happens to me very often--my husband always teases me--when I think I've come up with a genius invention/catch phrase/idea, and he tells me it's a fantastic idea whilst smirking... Apparently, I live in a hole.  Even if I didn't make it up, I'm still proud that I thought of it, and it suits me well. 


abby said...

i'm excited

size too small said...

i love that motto :)

alli/hooray said...

I like this post. And agree with you 100%!

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