Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah

I've got another fun site to share with you, almost as cool as H&M's virtual paper dolls I shared with you last month.  I just came across ASOS online fashion store thanks to Sofiie's references.  {Sofiie is my Swedish fashion adviser.  She just doesn't know it.}
After spending a couple minutes changing the currency and browsing the SALE section, I clicked on a cute sweatshirt, surprised to find this!  See the link below the photo that reads, "VIEW CATWALK >>>>"?  Click it.  You can watch the model walk the catwalk in the garment!  This way, you get a good idea of how the garment fits, moves, and looks from every angle.  Brilliant!

If you have a few minutes today, check out the store.  The prices don't seem all that bad.  Oh, and in full disclosure, there is music that plays when you watch the catwalk video, so make sure you have your volume turned up, or if you are in an office, make sure your boss is out of ear-shot.  Unless your boss is fashionable, then feel free to forward the link to him/her!  ;)

And, I just noticed ASOS offers reclaimed vintage items, like the pants pictured below.  Pretty cool.  Pretty cool indeed.

P.S. The styling of those lace-up booties with those pants is spot-on.

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