I don't get it.

"Wine bottle holder" from Wisteria.  I am just baffled.  Those are empty bottles.  Empty.  Kinda depressing.  Plus, the stand costs $150 and holds 88 wine bottles.  You'd be missing out on like $4.50 in recycling profit!  Okay, so maybe you don't get a chunk of your paid CRV back when you recycle, but you could re-purpose the empty bottles.  The resources are ubiquitous in Blogland.  Here.  Here are a couple of ideas that make much more sense than turning the bottles upside down and displaying them on a spiny rack in your kitchen.

DIY recycled wine bottle torches via re-nest

DIY hanging vases via 100 Layer Cake

Your husbands will thank you for choosing the torches.

I wonder if Molly has seen this photo in the Wisteria catalog.  She'd probably have much funnier things to say about it.

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