Emily won!

Emily won! Emily won! Emily won!

WTF am I talking about, you ask? Emily Henderson won HGTV's Design Star! 
The winner {Emily!} was revealed last night, although she has known for some time now.  Keeping a secret like that would surely Benjamin-Moore-White-Dove some of those pretty blonde hairs, but now it's out and she can stress no more talk all she wants about her win--which she does on her fabulous and witty blog: The Brass Petal!

Her show, Secrets From A Stylist, airs this Sunday on HGTV @ 10/9c, so be sure and watch it!  Her concept is intriguing: taking your favorite pieces from your wardrobe, determining your style, and creating a space reflecting your style.  She is very mindful of every little detail, has a magnetic personality, and potentially could teach people a thing or two about their fashion in addition to their living spaces. 

I am just so proud of her and although the competition is over, I continue to root for her in this new endeavor.  If my gushing hasn't yet convinced you to follow Emily, how bout I entice you with this little tidbit: she styled many-a-Domino photo shoot, including the August 2008 cover.  Yes, she is one of us. 
Here are a few more photos from her design portfolio, all courtesy of HGTV.

  Design Star Glass House Challenge
{I think Emily was reading my diary when she designed this space}

Emily's apt in LA. Craspedias!

Emily's apt in LA

Recently I realized I don't post enough about my true passion, which is design.  I mean, ya'll probably don't even know how design-obsessed I am.  My comments can be found on just about every design blog, so I am definitely exposed to the design world daily, but I don't share enough with you this obsession.  And since I promised to inspire my readers, {in my personal manifesto} I will have to work on shifting my focus.  This may mean creating a new weekly installment, strictly to keep myself short-term-goal-oriented and keep my Virgo procrastination in line.  We'll see.  Back to Emily now.  Go read her blog, it's refreshing and inspiring, then watch for her on HGTV.  Methinks we are in for a delectable treat.

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