something BIG is coming

...Something that will change everything...

This should be arriving in the mail tomorrow!!!

I got an amazing deal on it and coordinating accessories through Costco, so I am super psyched!  Can you tell??

My nose will be deep in the user manual for the next few weeks {months?!} while I'm learning how to properly use it, but I am so excited to start snapping higher quality shots and sharing them with you!

I'm getting this camera for a business endeavor I am undertaking, but I will also be using it everyday like I did my beloved little Canon Powershot.

My friends and family called me 'paparazzi' before...just you wait! 


fresh365 said...

Ooh so exciting! I have the same one and finally signed up for a photo class this spring after years of just faking it! Have fun!

Cassi said...

That's awesome, Erin! I might be leaning on you a bit in the future as I'm learning to use it...I also thought of taking a class. Let me know how you like yours! :)

Cassie said...

I have kind of thought if I follow through on my goal to pick up the camera more this year then I might just treat myself to a new camera towards the end of the year. Will look forward to hearing/seeing how you get on.


Damaris @Kitchen Corners said...

I just found your blog via another blog. Hi! I wanted to say that you will love your camera. I have the exact same one. Have fun. If the kit lenses get boring go for a fixed 50mm. Enjoy your new toy.

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