a pie for two

Hello Blogland, how I've missed you so. 

Our bathroom renovation {read: total overhaul} has kept me from you for weeks, and while the mud on the sheetrock is still damp, I have returned temporarily to share with you this delicious find:

 I managed to get a before picture when I popped the pie in the oven...did not manage to get an after...smelled too good to wait.

The pies are made by the Willamette Valley Fruit Company in OR, and they are gooo-ood!  I picked this little cutie up at my local Earth's Fresh Food Market, which carries all local produce and is pretty much like an indoor super-farmer's market, for only $3.99.  The Raspberry-Rhubarb appealed to me most out of the selection, and it did not disappoint.  Seriously considering joining WVFCO's Pie of the Month Club.  Or maybe hubby will read this and decide to sign me up for the best Valentine's Day gift I can think of!  Because really it would be a gift for the both of us, since I suppose I could share a whole pie with him...

Oh, and if you're wondering, these photos were shot with my shiny new fancy camera!  I've shot quite a few pictures during the renovation and am compiling them for a single post once we're finished.  So, you could see this post in two weeks or two months.  I will share one tidbit about the reno and that is I love the new floor tile I picked out so much, I want to make out with it!  So beautiful.  And that's all you get for now.

In other NEWS, Go Packers!!!!!  <3


Cassie said...

I think it is my new years diet which is the cause but I am just itching to cook comfort food at the moment. Including of course wonderful fruit pies - this ones looks just heavenly!

Good luck with the rest of the bathroom work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cassi
For your information the beautiful Wilamette Valley you refer to in this blos is where I live

alli/hooray said...

I haven't had pie since Thanksgiving and this sounds so good. Raspberry-rhubarb, Yum. (ps. can't wait to see that new tile!).

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