Happy New Year!!

I am currently LOVING Florence Welch and her band Florence + The Machine!  I've been listening to Drumming Song nonstop for days and it still moves me.
She is such a powerful force.  Talented.  Gorgeous.  And a Virgo!

My next resolution on the list: get legs like hers! ;)  She represents us pale girls well.

Happy 2011, friends!  Let's make this year even more AMAZING than last year.

{photo source: fanpop} Go out right now and buy her album LUNGS.  It will rock your world.  Promise.


Sophie said...

ommmmmggg i love florence + the machine too. ive had the whole album on repeat for the last 6 months haha.
happpy new year! xx

Cassie said...

Absolutely adore Florence and the Machine! Have you seen the video with the toddler in the car and the Dog Days song? It is hilarious!

Wishing you a happy, healthy and joy-filled New Year!

Cassi said...

Thanks! I have no voice because I have been singing my heart out to this album for a week straight! :)

I love all her videos, and wish she'd make one for "Howl" because I think that song would make a fantastic video!

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