VS fashion show!

Every year I look forward to it.  Every year.  Now only a week has passed since the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in NYC aired, and I am already excited to see what the production team and designers cook up for next year's show!

This year, Katy Perry and Akon were the musical performers, and I especially enjoyed Katy Perry's acts.  I am not a huge fan of hers, but I liked her outfits and her voice sounded good live.  I never realized how pretty she is.  She reminds me of a friend I went to high school with in the face quite a bit.  Hi Ash!   And Akon seemed to enjoy the models flocking around him on the stage.  He enjoyed it a little too much, maybe.  Anyone catch what I'm throwin'?  Maybe I am misreading what I saw, but perhaps dude should have buttoned his jacket when he finished singing.  Moving on...

My favorite outfit of the show was Behati Prinsloo's PINK number.

I never really paid much attention to this model, but she's beautiful!  And her South African accent is adorable.  She brought a lot of energy to the stage, and totally rocked this colorful getup.

Other favorites from this show were also from the PINK segment. 
Jessica Stam is tops.  She is one of my favorite models of all time.  Some women know female athletes' names; I know models.  I always notice her, in VS shows, J.Crew catalogs, Anna Sui and DKNY ads, you name it.  So I was giddy when I saw her walk out on to the VS runway this year.
I've been noticing Lily Aldridge since she began modeling for J.Crew.  And now the lucky gal is engaged to hottie Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon.  The model + the rockstar.  Gabriel used to joke that that's what we are.  Well, I no longer model, and he is still a musician, but does not have goals of reaching rockstar status.  'Good thing too!  Because he's ten times hotter than Caleb, and I would have to go barbaric on some swooning broads.  But I digress.

The only times I miss runway modeling are when I watch the VS Fashion Shows, then I am brought back to reality when I think of how much I love carbs.  That's not to say if I suddenly woke up five or six inches taller one morning that I wouldn't run out and get an agent to help me land a spot in next year's show!  A secret dream of mine...

Adriana Lima looked amazing with her fit post-baby bod, but I was underwhelmed by Alessandra Ambrosio's outfits.  It seems she got stiffed this year, and much better getups were reserved for the newbies.  And I missed Miranda Kerr's bubbly personality as she is out prego.  But, hopefully she'll hit up Adriana for some get-fit tips and be back in the show next year. 

The workmanship definitely shows in the clothes, the choreography, and the overall production, and I have such immense respect for everyone involved.  That world is no doubt chaotic, but it is also enthralling!  And now I must go plan my night around hot Bikram yoga and eating only vegetables for dinner, because, well, seeing those models look so good is motivating!

{photo sources: Behati, Jessica, Lily}

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