it's officially winter!

So says my desk calendar.  "Winter begins" today, Dec. 21, and already I have gorged myself on holiday treats made by our friends and given by my customers.  Cookies have replaced my normal healthful lunches, washed down with Sees candies.  If I eat junk in place of meals rather than in addition to meals, does that make it better?  Probably not.

I've finished wrapping gifts, but I have a couple finishing touches to put on DIY gifts that I hope to share with you after the holidays.  Can't give anything away yet!  ;)  Gabe made homemade Kahlua using my dad's treasured recipe for his Secret Santa gift, and lucky for us, he made extra.  If he went to the store today and got more soymilk, I know what I'm having with my cookies for dinner tonight!  So bad.

Has anyone begun thinking up their New Years Resolutions?  Do you believe in that stuff?  I like to set goals for myself, and ya'll know I LOVE making lists!  One of my resolutions is to get my passport and visit two countries next year.  I can't wait to get my passport stamped!  The only times I have been out of the country are once to Mexico with my family, and once to Canada back in college.  I went with my college's ski + snowboarding club and had a blasty blast!  We stayed in Whistler village, which is nothing short of idyllic in the winter.  I didn't have my passport for either of those trips, because my birth certificate sufficed.  I have about ninety places I really want to visit, so it'll be a matter of prioritizing for 2011.  I will no doubt be asking for your feedback throughout the new year on places I'm planning on visiting. 

Happy Christmas sweet readers!  I hope everyone has a wonderful time with family and friends, filled with treats + booze.  Live it up, it's the holidays!

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