tested on Cassi, not on animals...

I thought it helpful to share my experiences (good and bad) with products I have used worth blogging about--be it beauty products, cleaning products, etc.--and offering my 100% honest-no-paid-endorsement-opinion.  And GO.

1 - Burt's Bees Pomegranate Oil Lip Balm is the best chapstick  balm I have ever used.  This is coming from a person who never leaves the house without two items: chapstick and sunglasses.  Repeat, never, am I without chapstick.  Over the many years, I have tried almost every available kind, some with perfectly adequate results, but this is the first kind to tick all the boxes on my 'lip wish list.'
Smoothing - check.
Soft, not sticky - check.
Alluring scent - check.
Sheer tint of color - check. Note: the color of the product itself is the exact color of the cap, but offers a sheer hue rather than a saturated color like lipstick.
All Natural ingredients - check.
Long lasting and waterproof - check.  I swear I will put this on in the morning and my lips are still hydrated and smooth after 3+ cups of coffee combined with my subconscious habit of licking my lips, and totally conscious habit of talking way too much.  Speaking of which, I need more coffee.

Please share your thoughts. :)  About my coffee addiction or Burt's Bees...

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