Spoonflower: a new way to pass the time

Today I discovered Spoonflower, a fantastic and creative website that encourages people to create their own designs to be printed on fabrics by yourself or others.  They even offer discounts to the designers when purchasing fabrics!  I have already spent hours searching for fabrics using terms like, "eames, scandinavian, paisley, kaleidoscope, silhouette," etc. in the handy search engine.

I am envisioning using this fabric for recovering my mid-century Danish modern dining chairs, in the linen cotton canvas...

 ...and I haven't figured out what to use this fabric for, but I will think of something, because it is beautiful!  Do you think it would be too "much" for curtain panels?  I bet this pattern would be a perfect pop as a throw pillow...

What are your favorite sites/sources for fabric?

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