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Thanks, AT, for choosing my room to be part of your Behr Room For Color 2010 Contest!

Readers: If you like my room, please add it as a favorite. :)

In the interest of full disclosure, the room is unfinished.  We are working on installing new floors {cork!}, trimming out the huge windows, replacing said windows {and slider}, and updating the adjoining kitchen.  And, if you remember, I promised you I would post afterish pictures from our Valentine's Day paintfest this year, so, this is me finally making good on that promise. 

Also, I should confess that I did not style the room for these photos.  I thought about it, but other than these particular fresh flowers in the recycled S. Pellegrino glass bottles, our room always looks like it does in the photos on AT.  Nothing fancy.  Lived in.  Home.

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