his + hers challenge

Alli over at hooray challenged her readers {me!} to join in on a little series she and her friend at pure and noble just started, called his + hers.  I have accepted the challenge and am providing my take on the topic. 

Movie character wardrobe lust:

his - Gabe totally freaks over Stanley Tucci's wardrobe in Julie + Julia, where Stanley plays Paul Child.  He loves his shawl-collar cardigans, suits, and loafers, and I can't blame him.  Stanley Tucci is so very handsome anyway.  That's me talking, not Gabe. He constantly reminds me to be on the lookout for a turquoise ring just like Stanley's in the movie {which actually belonged to Paul Child!}, and so I have been.  Other than finding a comparable looking one for the low low price of 5 g's, I have had zero luck. 

hers - I absolutely love Cameron Diaz's wardrobe in The Holiday, where she plays Amanda Woods.  Her clothing is impeccably tailored and all her coats are so sophisticated and cozy-looking.  The woman even makes pajamas look stylish. 

There you have it.  If I had put together this post a decade ago, you would be seeing a full-on spread of every one of Alicia Silverstone's outfits in Clueless.  I still sort of love sweater vests.  And argyle.  And knee socks. 

Play along, won't you?  And send me your links!

What a wonderful way to start off the week...

{photo sources: 1-mtv.com, 2-flixster.com}


alli/hooray said...

I love it. thanks for joining in! Stanley Tucci is the best. I wouldn't mind stealing Diaz's wardrobe either...

Cassie said...

I just popped over here from Alli's following your comment on her post and saying you had tried too. I can't wait to give it a go next week when I get home from my holiday. But just wanted to say hello and that I hope to stick around a while, read your archives etc, the fact you are a Gilmores fan makes me an instant fan of yours too!

My motto is 'Life's short, talk fast' - a classic Gilmore line if ever there was one!

Cassi said...

Alli - it is a super fun idea to have this as a series!
Cassie - First, cool name! ;) Second, thanks a bunch! Please do stay + read, and I will pop over to your world and check it out as well. I spit out daily GG ramblings that no one understands, but I love it when someone picks up on one.

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