I'm a happy camper right now, thanks to one very considerate stranger.

While organizing my Domino [RIP] magazines the other day, I panicked.  Seven issues were missing from my perfect collection.  gasp!  I had been a subscriber since the first issue in August 2005, and to my knowledge, I had coveted every last issue through March 2009.  Either during one of the many house-moves I had made in that 4-year span, or by some sneaky puppy destruction, I had misplaced seven issues.

The next morning, I shifted into my instinctive Virgo-problem-solving-mode, and began searching the Internet for my missing issues: ebay, craigslist, etsy, amazon, google...  I had already spent several hours searching and determining the better deal (some people estimate values very differently), and had filled both my amazon shopping cart and my ebay "watched items" folder with four out of the seven missing issues, when something magical happened.  By means of a Google search, I saw a craigslist posting for "free Domino and Martha Stewart magazines" in SAN FRANCISCO!  A woman posted that she had a few of both magazines, and the recipient would need to take the lot if they wanted them.  I was totally willing.

I immediately e-mailed the woman, and asked if she would be so kind as to let me know if she had the exact issues that I was missing, and if so, I told her I would drive to SF (a mere four-hour round trip) and take the lot.  Within minutes, she responded that she would check when she got home from work which issues she had and get back to me.  yay!

When I checked my e-mail the next morning (yesterday), I had a message from her.  :::drumroll:::

She had five of the seven issues I needed!!  And here's the best part:  she wrote that it would be silly to make me drive all the way to the city just for a few magazines, so she would be happy to mail the ones I needed to me.  What a doll.

The package arrived this morning;  the five beautiful like-new-conditioned gems stacked with care;  all flagging-stickers intact.

I realize I am talking about magazines, which are not normally something people get all nutty over, but any die hard Domino fan out there reading this will completely understand.

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